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2 Bedroom Luxurious Cottage at Sattal near Nainital

A two bedroom luxurious cottage in Sattal near Nainital, is a treasure perched on a hill top, overlooking the majestic mountains and the beautiful fauna. A holiday at this resort is for those souls seeking to let go of their modern addictions, and be one with nature. Here, you can take in the distan

6 Bedroom Vacation Cottage in Gethia - Nainital

Situated approximately 5000 feet above sea level, this six bedroom vacation cottage in Gethia, Nainital is waiting to dazzle you with its majestic views. Gethia is a small hamlet, about 25 minutes drive from Nainital and this particular scenic cottage is situated on a private hill, surrounded by for

3 Bedroom Scenic Cottage in Ramgarh near Nainital

Away in the hills, surrounded by nature, far from the madding crowds, about 6000 feet above sea level, sits a three en-suite bedroom cottage in Ramgarh near Nainital, that boasts of Indo-British architecture. Situated in village Khopa in Ramgarh, a distance of 30 kms from Nainital, this Indian Home

5 Bedroom Heritage Stone Cottage in Gethia - near Nainital

This charming heritage cottage in Gethia, situated amongst picturesque and lush green gardens away from the hustling crowds, in the laps of nature, offering perfect solitude and soul healing, only 16 Kms away from Nainital. This cottage is a nature lover’s paradise, away from the restless

6 Bedroom Luxurious Cottage in Ramgarh near Nainital

This is the place you should choose if you want to gaze at the tall Himalayas or white clouds drifting just a bit beyond your windows. This is the place for families looking to reignite their vows of togetherness as they sip hot cinnamon tea. This is the place to trek along for nature walks, try out

3 Bedroom Tranquil Hill Top Villa in Gethia - Nainital

A hill-top villa at an altitude of 6500 ft above sea level in Gethia, Uttrakhand, is a perfect holiday destination for guests looking to satisfy their thrill for adventure along with their need to be in sync with nature’s tranquility. Loftily standing 6500 above sea level and just ov

8 Bedroom Heritage Cottage Retreat near Nainital in Bhowali

An excellently maintained heritage retreat in Bhowali, Nainital, is one of the best holiday destinations in the Himalayas. It is a mere 10 kilometers away from the beautiful Naini Lake and Mall Road. The grandeur of the architecture, large lawns, well-maintained flora and fauna makes it a serene oas

6 Bedroom Lake End Cottage in Naukuchiyatal, Nainital

A six bedroom cottage in Naukuchiyatal is the perfect getaway for both the summer heat and the winter months. Simply because it offers all modern comforts that a discerning traveller of today demands. What beckons the traveller to this serene cottage is the views of the mist rising above the la

4 Bedroom Perfect Lake Edge Cottages in Naukuchiyatal, Nainital

A cottage built on the edge of the Naukuchiyatal Lake, near Nainital, is an ideal setting for holiday in the Himalayan Mountains. These are a set of two identical 2 bedroom independent cottages, one on the ground floor and the other on 1st Floor level, located on the edge of Naukuchia

3 Bedroom Luxurious Cottage in Bhowali - Nainital

This three bedroom luxury cottage in Bhowali - Nainital is calling all holiday travellers of life and tourists of the different season to enjoy its panoramas. The little sit-outs in and around this vacation cottage will bring to fore that you are 5500 feet above sea level. It has horizons comprising

2 Bedroom Oakwood Cottage in Gethia near Nainital

Stone and wood make up this two en-suite bedroom British-styled cottage in Gethia near Nainital. However, soul and wilderness surround it and serenity and wonder embrace its guests. This cottage is situated in a hamlet called Gethia which at 5,500 feet above sea level. It is just 14 kms away from Na
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