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  • Q1. What is a bed and breakfast?
    Bed & breakfast type of accommodation is getting more and more admirers around the world, who prefer warm unobtrusive attention, home-like environment, homemade breakfast, friendly attitude and profound knowledge about what to see and do even in the most remote place in the world. There are no two bed and breakfast properties that are alike, which makes staying in each one of them a unique experience.
  • Q2. What is a Home stay?
    Homestay can be considered as a home away from your home, wherein guests are hosted with utmost care. In homestay, one gets to interact with the host family as one is staying in their house. It is far more economical and exciting than staying in expensive hotels. You get the local knowledge of the city, the best restaurants, markets and things not mentioned in the guide books, all in all an authentic experience.
  • Q3. What about the furnishing and facilities?
    Now a day’s bed and breakfasts, home stays, provide comfort and all top of the line amenities like excellent furnishing, WI-FI internet facilities, satellite television, etc. Of course in general furnishing and facilities do vary. Home owners aim to offer the best possible quality accommodation as well as personal attention.
  • Q4. How do I book online?
    1. Choose the city on the homepage where you wish to book your accommodation
    2. This brings you to a city page where you will see all B&B’s, home stays available with prices
    3. Please choose the home you would like to book
    4. You will now see the broader details of the home, the rooms, amenities, local attractions, prices and room types available.
    5. If the information is what suits your needs best, please go to the Booking Form at the right hand side of the page and fill the Form and click the "Submit" button.
    6. You will now receive a copy of the details submitted by you.
    7. Within 24 hours you will receive a confirmation Invoice if the requested home is available
    8. If requested home is not available then you will get alternate accommodation suggestions, keeping your requirements in mind.
    9. You will thereafter need a valid Credit/Debit card to make your booking.
  • Q5. If I don't have a credit card can I still book?
    You can book by remitting money into our HDFC Bank Account. The website reservation system operates an online booking service only.
  • Q6. How many people can I book for and for how long?
    Depending upon the home you choose as different homes have different No. of rooms to offer. There is no limit to the number of days as long as accommodation is available.
  • Q7. What credit cards can I book with?
    You can only book using a VISA, MasterCard & AMEX all accepted on Pay Pal.
  • Q8. Does the name on the credit card have to be the same as the name on the reservation?
    1. No. If you don't have a credit card you can use a friends or family member's card to book with their permission.
    2. The credit card can be different from the name on the reservation.
  • Q9. If I am getting a credit card error while I am booking or waiting for my confirmation, what can I do?
    Bookings are secure and processed through PayPal. If you are receiving an error, here are some potential reasons why? 1. There may be insufficient funds to cover the transaction being booked
    2. You may not have filled out all the information fields requested.
  • Q10. Can I book over the telephone or by email?
    No. is an online booking service ONLY. We do not offer a reservation service via the telephone or by email.
  • Q11. Can I make multiple bookings without filling the Booking Request Form again and again?
    Yes, you can do so by sending us an Email at mentioning your Initial Booking Reference No., Preferred Home Ref Nos, your Full name & required Dates of stay.
  • Q12. Do I have to book in advance?
    We always recommend that you book your accommodation and other services well in advance to avoid disappointment! Our Rooms sell very quickly - especially in high season.
  • Q13. Can you give me directions and contact details of a B&B, Home stay before I book?
    1. This page will give you a description of the home, where it's located, and the facilities it has to offer.
    2. As we are an online booking service we do not provide you with telephone number, email address, or website details until you have made your reservation.
    3. Once you have made your reservation, we will provide you with full contact details and directions to the property booked on your booking request.
  • Q14. Can you send me a brochure?
    1. No, all the information we have about the property is displayed online.
    2. Each home has its own page. All the information you need will be on these pages.
  • Q15. I have not received my confirmation, what can I do?
    1. Once you click the "Submit" button it should only take about a minute to receive your “Performa Invoice” of your booking on screen.
    2. We then send you a confirmation email with your booking details within 24 hours. It's important that you enter the correct email address or else you won't receive the email.
  • Q16. What happens if I want to cancel my booking?
    If you wish to cancel your booking, you must email your cancellation to clearly mentioning your Booking reference No. Refund will be made to you as per our Booking Terms and conditions mentioned on the website.
  • Q17. What if I need to amend my reservation?
    1. You must contact Reservations at to check if they can amend your reservation.
    2. You may need to cancel your reservation and rebook online. The booking fee is non-refundable.
  • Q18. What happens if I don't show up and haven't contacted the B&B/Home stay?
    In the event of a no show, there is no refund. Please also check our Booking conditions/Cancellation policy for details.
  • Q19. Can we rent a car (with air conditioning) and a driver? If so what could be the rates.
    Yes you can choose from a variety of cabs available, depending upon your needs. For this you will need to fill in the online Request Form available on the website under “Transport”. Prices for cabs vary depending upon the size of the car and the city you are hiring at.
  • Q20. Can I settle my expenses by Credit Card? This will avoid carrying and handling cash.
    Credit Cards (AMEX/VISA/MasterCard) are accepted but only at very few of our homes stays. A charge of 3.8% of total bill shall be levied in the case of AMEX, 2.5% in case of VISA and MasterCard.
  • Q21. Are guests/visitors allowed, if so the timings?
    Visitors/guests are most definitely allowed, but with prior intimation to your host.
  • Q22. What are the meal hours?
    Breakfast is served generally between 7.30 AM and 9.30AM. Meal timings are at the request of the guest. A minimum of four hours notice is required for meals.
  • Q23. Can I use my Cell phone while in India?
    Yes, you can rent buy a cash card (SIM) here. They are freely available. However, you will need to show your Passport for identification purpose.
  • Q24. Is an Airport Transfer/Pick-Up Facility available?
    Yes. At a nominal charge.
  • Q25. Will there be any other guests in the Homestay?
    If a host family has more than one private room available, there may be more guests in the same Home stay.
  • Q26. Will I have my own bathroom?
    Yes in all the Home stays, B&B’s listed on our website, you will have your own private facilities.
  • Q27. Will I get meals?
    The host family will provide breakfast and meals can be organised at a nominal cost with prior intimation.
  • Q28. Will I receive a key to the room?
    Yes, in most cases you will.
  • Q29. Will I be able to watch television?
  • Q30. May I use the family computer?
    Yes, but only with the host family's permission. Please make sure you use a local access number when you log on to the internet to avoid long distance charges.
  • Q31. May I smoke in the house?
    Yes, but only with the permission of the host family and not in the room. Some host families will ask that you smoke outside the house.
  • Q32. Will I have a curfew (time that I need to return to the Homestay each night?
    You do not have a curfew. However, it is customary that you notify your host family if you will return to the house after 10PM.
  • Q33. Can I have guests come to the Homestay?
    Yes, but only with the host family's permission.
  • Q34. Can I stay at a friend's house during my visit?
    Yes. Please notify your host family that you will be staying outside the Home stay for the evening.
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